FOREIGN FORCES at work in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement and Beyond

[Like other blog posts, this one is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments, including the BBC controversy.]

Instead of blaming foreign forces, why doesn’t the HK government try to win back hearts and minds?

A student from HK asks this question: What is foreign and what is not foreign in HK? Good question. HK is not a fortress. Let us not forget that HK is an international city that is fully integrated with the rest of the world.

E.g., what do we make of HK’s brightest and richest — including top-level policymakers — who often have dual citizenship? They are both local and foreign.

HK has always invited and welcomed “foreign forces”. The HK government, the business sector, and civil society have always looked to the world for the best talents, best ideas and best practices, and have always tried to sell the best of HK to the world. It is hardly surprising that the Umbrella Movement…

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