These were what I ate in the past couple days.

1. @ Dole Plantation.  I bought two big pineapples home and my brother just has one peeled tonight.  We still have one for tomorrow!


@ Dole Plantation. I really love Pineapples.

2. @ Jin Din Rou.  This is like a fake 鼎泰豐, but they don’t share equal quality.  After the dinner, I didn’t feel I had ate at all.


Don't seem they have very good dumpling place.

3. @ Tenkaippin.  They have the best broth for ramen.  And the fired rice was great too.


Great food Great price.

4. @ Morio Sushi Bistro.  Without Yelp, I don’t think I would have a chance to know about this place.  But it’s very fortunate, I met my colleague and his gf.  In the end, the world is too small.


One chef serves all.

5. @Arancino.  Recommended by my professor.  Went there after Morio’s Sushi and got very full at that night. Happy.


It was fantastic !

6. Finally, won’t never forget my favorite Spam Musubi.  I heard this is Obama’s one of favorite food.  Yeah!


How could I forget this ?!!!

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