Some readings for today

  1. Jeff Wasserstrom discusses the Dalai Lama with A. Tom Grunfeld
    I like this:
    "The entire episode is like a Kabuki play where the actors use scripts
    agreed to long ago and play their parts accordingly and the outcome is
    known long before the event itself."  I went to the talk of Dalai Lama on Sunday at the Universal Studio.  He’s an old man, but he was charm, nice and very humorous.  And of course, he never gave up a chance to criticize Chinese government.  One interesting point he mentioned on Sunday was about the negotiation between him and Hu Yaobang in early 1980s.  He told the audiences in LA that he rejected the proposal by Hu because the problem was not only about him and the Chinese government, but the Tibetans and Chinese as a whole.  Well, this was a very grand statement, but the rejection made him never had a chance to go back to his "country’ and also left his people to an undecided, or even worse situation to negotiate with the Chinese government.

  2. A good collections of readings about Dalai Lama’s visit. 
    Among them, Christina Larson’s article on FP, must read. 
  3. Funny article on Google’s take on freedom speech.
    "How do I sign up for the Iranian government’s new emailservice? At least they are not in bed with NSA.
  4. Telegraph has made a very useful website for Oscar 2010 including this great interview with Quentin TarantinoSee the page.

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