Black Breakfast by Zhang Ke Jia

The short, which Youtube offers in pretty decent not-too-low definition, is
directed and edited by Jia Zhangke, written by Zhao Jing, and shot by Yu
Lik-wai. This four-minute long film shows actress Zhao Tao as a roving
photographer (or tourist?) gazing at a two giant Buddha sculpture from the
Yungang Grottos in Datong (which, not incidentally, is known as the most
polluted city in China, and which was the location for Jia’s UNKNOWN
PLEASURES and IN PUBLIC), plus young lovers masked and unmasked,
smokestacks, factory soot, balcony scrubbers, gas-masked workers like a row
of ominous insects, and white steamed buns set against black-faced and
black-garbed unmasked coalminers.

BLACK BREAKFAST is part of the omnibus ART for the World project, an
initiative of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner For Human
Rights, part of the series "Stories on Human Rights", "inspired by the
Universal Declaration Of Human Rights".

YouTube – Black Breakfast by Zhang Ke Jia

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