11/21~11/26 Thanksgiving trip

11/21 LA — Montreal

11/22 MontrealOttawa

11/23 MontrealQuebec

11/24 Quebec

11/25 QuebecMontreal

11/26 Montreal — LA


Last week, after spending months working on the exams and TA works, I headed for Canada to meet my aunt and her friend. 


While the GPS broke, we insisted to tour the capital city — Ottawa even we didn’t have a map. 


Quebec City was extremely delightful.  We enjoyed the historic walled city and some very fine French cuisine.  The old city is very European in feel; and of course French is the dominant language but people who work there mostly bilingual. 


To get to Quebec Old Town, we had to walk a block to the elevator that took us down the side of the cliff face, about the height of 3 storeys.  Upper Quebec is on a hill that has cliffs on all sides apart which is protected by the city wall that goes all the way around the old town. 


After we left the elevator, the world’s most atmospheric place — Lower Town.  We walked down the cobblestone streets where are lined with boutiques and shops selling artisanal wares.  The Aux Belles de Nuit is interesting as it displays a large selection of glassware, such as platters, vases, wall hangings and candlestick holders and etc.  I especially like Michel Sylvain’s paintings at The Shayne Gallery.


Montreal is a traditional Maritime province with a lot of style wood buildings.  The basilica of Notre-Dame de Montreal is very impressive to see. 

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